Sunday, November 4, 2007

A friend in need

My best friend's mom (Marcia) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it has already moved out into her lymphatic system. Basically, it's been classified as "treatable" but not "curable". Chemo starts this week. Prayers and good thoughts for Marcia and her family are definitely appreciated.

I've cast on Shedir (ravelry link) for her. I'm using Knit Picks Shine Sport in Hydrangea. Loving the yarn... it is so soft! I also had to get a size 3 harmony circular as my collection was lacking in that department. Oh my, the needles are amazing. I've added the Harmony options to my Christmas list. I can hardly wait!

The first incarnation of Shedir was rather messy. This is my first chart-reading endeavor, and well, this is what happens when you read the chart backwards. Ug. Lesson: read the chart from right to left as that is how you knit, otherwise, ugliness will ensue.

I'm hoping to have a good looking version of this hat done by 11/10 so Amy can take it down to Houston with her on her next visit. The good news is that I'm almost to where I was when I took the above picture, but with much better results. Hopefully, this hat will be just a tiny bit of good for Marcia in such a difficult time.

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