Thursday, June 21, 2007

Socks - here I come!

I've done it! I've purchased my first ever sock yarn (from Fearless Fiber) in the delightfully fresh Meadow colorway. I've also decided to use DPNs instead of the two circulars method as I have much less of a laddering problem with DPNs than with the two circulars. I have not a clue why, but, it works for me, I guess. I have won an auction on ebay and my dpns should be in the mail soon. So now I'm stalking the post lady... please please bring me my new gifts!

In other news, Isabella was frogged. I wasn't happy with the eyelets, I was dreading the joining together, the hemming, the short row shoulders, all of it. I'm currently attempting to re-roll my yarn from its ramen noodle state - any suggestions on how to keep freshly frogged yarn from tangling all up during the frogging to just like new status? This is my second frog and I have made a HUGE mess. So huge, my husband wonders why I'm wasting so much time on unravelling... can't I just buy new yarn? Well, not really, plus, there is something calming about untangling yarn. But not so calming that I'm not interesting in hearing how others avoid this problem :)

Well, I'm signing off for the weekend. I have a baseball game to attend, new bedroom and livingroom furniture to purchase, fresh tomatoes (homegrown!) to eat, a baby to chase around and some grandparents to entertain. All in all, it should be a fun, not-so-relaxing weekend ahead. Enjoy yours!


Laura B said...

Hmmm, well when I frog, I do it with the ball winder, so there is never a chance for it to get all tangly. :) If you don't have a ball winder, you could just hand wind as you go.

Jennifer said...

When I frog, I use a ball winder too, but if you don't have one, you can wind the yarn between your and and your elbow. When you're done winding, tie off the skein on two ends so it won't get tangled up when you soak it (in cool water and a bit of baby shampoo to get the kinks out). I can't wait to see how your socks go.