Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So, my day started out pretty good. I got the latest version of knitty. As always, there are patterns that I'm eagerly adding to my quickly expanding "to-do" list. One of them, "Grow with me" especially caught my eye as it uses cotton ease - an easy addition to my stash as it is relatively cheap and available at the local chain craft store. As I scrolled down to the bottom to read the stats about the designer, I was taken aback. I KNOW this person! Of course, its been 5 years, and I might be mistaken. But seriously. I'd even been thinking about trying to look her up lately. and Shazam... there she was. Published in knitty.

So, I send her a tentative email, hoping I don't creep her out and she replied that yes, indeed, she is the Laura Brown I worked with one summer between my sophomore and junior years of college. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I know a published knit designer. Sweet. Of course, back then, I knew nothing of knitting's joys and Laura and I chatted about politics and our life dreams and how much a college town sucks when all the students go home for the summer. If it weren't for knitting, I'd never have found her.

Unfortunately, my day sort of went down hill after that. The admin that had given her two weeks notice, decided that she'd rather just not come back in, so instead of having until next Thursday to get someone trained, I suddenly had both all of the training, all of the organizing, all of the shite back on my plate to deal with. And I was THIS close to finishing a gigantic project that I'm sick and tired of dealing with. THIS close, ladies and gentleman. Gurk.

And then I finally went to the dentist. I have naturally pitted teeth, so visits to the dentist are always traumatizing and painful experiences. Not so, this time. He didn't even stick his nasty little hook into my teeth. Not once! I have two cavities that need to be filled (boo!), but its been 6 years, so all in all, that's not too bad. I was told, once again, that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed. Since I actually have money this time (last time I was a college student and had better things to do with my time and money than undergo oral surgery...), I might actually call up their office and schedule an appointment. But not until work gets ironed out.

Annan is doing really well. She's still waking much more often than I'd prefer, but we're adjusting. And, really, not much is better than cuddling a warm, soft baby, even if its 3AM. I'm pretty sure she's very close to crawling. She has really started to turn around in circles well and has mastered the art of rolling from back to tummy to back again, so I have to be careful where I leave my knitting supplies. She's already tried to eat my WIP at least twice.

My mom comes out to visit at the end of next week. I'm excited. Its only been a few months, but its always good to hang out with family. And now that Annan's here, I don't have to worry about entertaining. My LO does that for me :)

Oh yes, knitting updates. I'm nearly done with my curly purly diaper cover. I'm currently trying to puzzle out the final knitting insturctions. I'm not sure if "continue in stockinette until leg opening measures 11" means that I should be measuring the length of the fabric since the leg opening started or if the length of the two sides of the legholes should be 11" from end to end when laid flat. I'm thinking the latter, but I'll need to test it on Annan before doing anything permanent to be sure. Tonight, we'll be watching the first disk in the last season of Deadwood, so I doubt much knitting will get done. I'm still not very good at knitting and watching TV.

Well, dinner is nearly ready. Hope you have a blessed day!


Laura B said...

Dude! Seriously too cool to find you this way! Looking forward to keeping up with you and your knitting.

I would assume the latter concerning the diaper cover too.

Jennifer said...

Great to find an old friend...and then to discover she's designed for knitty?! BONUS! Sorry the work thing is ugly. I hope it improves soon.

Theresa said...

It's a small, small knitting world, isn't it?