Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life has come at me like a ton o' bricks

So, i've been busy. Knitting. Taking care of baby. Working. Attempting to get some sleep. Getting involved again in intellectual discussions... you know, re-engaging.

Where to start. I've finished one of the super easy leg-warmers - yeah! A diaper cover, and all of Kate's limbs. Now, she just needs to be assembled and we're off to the races. I'm nearly done with another diaper cover using kate's leftovers... now annan will match her toy :)

work has blown up on me. One of the VPs AND his admin have resigned. Fortunately (or unfortunately more like) I was crosstrained in the VPs duties, so guess who gets to do them for a less-than-executive-salary? Moi. Yup. Not so fun. However, this particular VP leaving is a good thing for our company, I think. That will bear out over time.

Annan has been having a rough month. Lots of grumpies + very little sleeping = a very tired and stressed out mama. Thankfully, the little one has woken up her usual happy self for the last two days, so perhaps, we can just put last month behind us and look forward to the sunny days ahead.

My tomatoes are GORGEOUS! Now, I just have to hope the weather keeps cooperating and the fruit can set. This is my first attempt at gardening edible things, and with all the rain we've been getting, seems to have come off without a hitch. I think I'll try to plant more tomatoes in the fall - some unusual varieties, like yellow ones, or zebra ones or something... make it interesting.

I started a knitting group from my home. Hey, when you have a sensitive 6 month old, you've got to bribe people to come over and hang out with you :) And trust me, its much easier for them to come to me than for me to go to them. Its been fun teaching them the fine art of knitting. I tell you what, kids are speedy learners. Makes me ashamed of how long it took me to get the whole cast0on thing right.

Well, must run, Annan is awake again. More later.


jennifer said...

So glad to see you're back. With life so full, it's amazing you ever find a quiet minute with your blog. Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

Laura B said...

It's so strange the way they can be incredibly good sometimes and incredibly bad others. I hope that this is the beginning of an incredibly good month for you and Annan!