Monday, August 6, 2007


I'm ashamed to see that its been since the end of June since I posted. Lack of sleep will do that to you, I guess. Things here are well, but this is not for a knitting-related post (well, maybe...) I just wanted to post my answers to a meme I've seen around...

1. I have no interest; complete lack of creativity in this area.
Needlepoint, Macramé, Shibori, Quilting, Cartooning, Cooking, Inventing, Acting
2. Would love to try it.
Spinning, Dyeing, Beading, Jewelry Making, Paper Making, Painting or Drawing, Candle Making, Flower Arranging, Decorating, Video/Film Making
3. I do or have dabbled in it.
Crochet, Cross-stitch, Scrap Booking, Stamping, Sewing, Calligraphy, Writing, Poetry, Toy Making, Graphic Design
4. Love it! This is my thing.
Photography, Knitting, Gardening, Music, Ceramics, Entertaining

Stay tuned for more knitting related posts!

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