Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kate updates

As promised, here is a pic of my latest project. :) I'm halfway through round 10 and I only had to cast on once. I tend to cast on too tightly, and I just wasn't able to wiggle the needles through after my first round of increases. Not to worry, I cast on again, and it was even better.

The jury is out as to whether I like this yarn or not. I find it rather splitty and it seems to lose its twistyness as I knit. I don't know whether that's the yarn or my knitting, but that's how it is. I'm hoping to have enough left over to do a few diaper covers for the wee one, or maybe even a wrist warmer or two :)

Isabella is still steadily being worked on. I finished with the first ball and am rolling my second. I've got a few inches to add and then I'm on to the shaping of the back. Yeah for progress!

Enjoy spring!


Longhorn Diva said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for finding my blog. I'm sending you god growing vibes for your baby garden, too.

And your WIPs look great...both the yarny and baby variety. ;) Such an adorable girl! Have fun knitting, and take care.

Longhorn Diva said...

Oops...I meant "good" growing vibes, but my typo works too, lol!