Friday, April 27, 2007

Kate and I

So, the yarn is growing on me. I really am liking the softness as well as how well you can see the stitches. I am now about halfway done with the body (and have completed two whole color changes!) and am just loving this pattern! It knits up quickly, and the instructions for a jogless color change are very easy to follow. She is going to be much bigger than I'd imagined, but will be oh so cute with a growing girl :) Using the two circulars is quite easy; I'm really glad I decided to try that route, DPNs make me crazy.

Oh, I have to add that this pattern is

A little something for the seasoned knitter.
Daring but not exhausting.
Previously, I've only done things up to tangy :) Yeah for upping the ante!

If all goes well, I will hopefully have a finished toy to show you.

Happy Friday!

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