Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Still no kate?

Sadly, tis true... I've just now finished the stuffing part. I'm needing to take a pause and step back for a bit... I want to make sure my stuffing job is going to be good enough to live with it. After all, I am giving this to my daughter, so I'm sure I'll have to look at it often and I don't think I can bear something I'm not perfectly happy with.

I'm a few rounds below where I have to add eyes and the nose/mouth issue. Never having done any embroidery I'm understandably nervous about it. I have a general idea of what I'm going to do, but we'll have to see. Anybody have any suggestions for a newbie? (if anyone is reading this :)

I'd post pics but we're under a serious, rainy cloud cover - until Friday!! Yeah for rain, boo for poor lighting. but my garden is loving it. When we get some good sun, I'll have to take some pics... the colors are amazing :) Maybe I'll apply some color impulsing like Ruth (although I can only hope to get as accomplished as she is someday).

Well, the little one is calling for me. Must run!

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