Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kate: the cat with britches

So, I got my yarn in today for Kate, the cat with britches, my first knitted toy for my little girl. I got the yarn from Flying Fingers, as they had the colors I wanted. The service was quite fast and the prices reasonable, so I will be patronizing them again :)

The details:

1 skein each of Lamb's Pride Worsted in M-181 Prairie Fire, M-14 Sunburst Gold, and M-105 RPM Pink. I will be attempting to use two circular needles size 8 to do this (as I'm not a big fan of DPNs - too much to hang on to), but I've got the necessary DPN's just in case it doesn't work. I'll be casting on just as soon as I get off work, which is in about 3 minutes :D I'd post pics of the yarn, but we're under a tornado watch and the light is bad (what with the green cast and all).

Hopefully, I'll have a toy to show off soon.

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