Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dishcloth Swap

So, I've seen the swaps around in blogland, but I always seem to be two steps behind and I just get to read about the packages they are preparing or receiving. However, this time, I got in on time! This one is the Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap. Check it out. There is a contest open through midnight Thursday; and then registration opens up Friday morning. I can't wait!!


This is a picture of one of the many gift washcloths that I gave away this year. This pattern is Opening Hour Washcloth from the lovely Knit with KT. Isn't the texture just scrumptious? I must knit one of these for myself soon.

Here is the swap questionnaire:

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?
I knit. My mom taught me how to crochet when she was here last, but I have yet to pick up a hook and actually make something with it :)

2. What types of needles do you enjoy using for making dishcloths?
My current favorites are my Harmony Knit Picks circulars... it makes transporting the project oh so easy. And they are so pretty!

3. What types of cotton do you enjoy using for making dishcloths? Is there any that you've been wanting to try?
I've really been digging the Peaches n Cream cotton... its a bit softer than the Sugar n Cream I had been using... but really, it's all good. I haven't been doing this long enough to even have cotton envy... something to aspire to :)

4. What color(s) are your kitchen and bath decorated in (if any)?
Our kitchen is a lovely dark green with cherry wood (think a deep, summer forest). Our bath is a cozy dark blue.

5. What are your favorite colors for yarns? Least favorite?
I like natural-scheme colors, browns, greens, oranges, blues, etc :)

6. Do you like Winter, or do you count the days until it ends?
I live in TX, so winter is a break from the oppressive heat... I certainly welcome it when it comes, but I'm certainly ready for spring about the end of January :)

7. What's your favorite way to brighten your day when you're down in the dumps?
Spending time with my friends, drinking a delicious cup of tea or coffee (or wine, depends on how bad of a day it was), and listening to good music.

8. What is your favorite treat to indulge in and when your down in the dumps?
a hot cup of tea

9. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Cocoa?
Yes. I prefer dark coffee roasts, I'll try any kind of tea and cocoa - dark again :)

10. If you could take a vacation starting tomorrow and go anywhere for one week and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do?
I would go to Costa Rica and spend a week in the rainforest

11. Do you have any allergies or aversions your pal should be aware of?
Not that I can think of :)


KT said...

Glad to have you in the swap! KT

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures. love the tones and especially the way you laid the work out. Yummy!!

your swap spoiler said...

I love the picture of your latest washcloth. The texture is amazing. Hopefully, you'll like the one I'm making for you.