Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A quick review

I've been seeing the year in reviews out there in the blogosphere where you post the first line of your first blog entry for that month. I thought I'd only have a few lines because I haven't had this blog very long, when much to my surprise, I've had this since March!! Amazing. So, without further ado:

March: I've decided to start a knitting blog.

April: So, I got my yarn in today for Kate, the cat with britches, my first knitted toy for my little girl.

May: Still no Kate? Sadly, tis true... I've just now finished the stuffing part.

June: So, I've been busy. Knitting. Taking care of baby. Working. Attempting to get some sleep. Getting involved again in intellectual discussions... you know, re-engaging.

August: I'm ashamed to see that its been since the end of June since I posted. (I'm seeing a theme)

September: FO: Kate. Overall, I loved this pattern. (wow, it took me quite some time to get this toy finished!!)

November: I am not such a great blogger, many apologies... I blame it all on Ravelry. (since I didn't get my invite until early October, though, we know it's more than just Ravelry.)

December: All that blogging for NaBloPoMo has just worn me out, but I DID it! ;) Just goes to show you I have plenty to talk about and plenty of time to sit down to do it, so long as I have someone holding me to it.

Clearly, my theme for my blog involves some thought as to why exactly I have it if I'm always feeling guilty about not posting. As I found out in November, blogging every day is simply an exercise in discipline, just like exercising (not that I'm doing that either!), and gift knitting (which was completed successfully and on time!).

I hereby resolve to make blogging more of a priority in this next year. Part of that involves me being in Project 365; the other part being that my daughter is more independent, which leaves me more time during the day to get everything done that I need to get done. There. I've written it out and published it for the worldwide web to read. So now it must be done. But wait, one more thing. What does making the blog more of a priority mean? Quantitatively, making the blog a priority means (to me anyway), that you will have at least as many blog posts as there are working days in any given month (around 22). Alright. There it is :)

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year. We are planning on a quiet dinner party with a few friends, and then spending a nice relaxing birthday working on my monkey socks. See you soon!

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