Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's your design style?

We watch this show if/when it comes on and if/when we actually have the TV on, called Design Style on HGTV. The first step is for everybody to take this quiz, then the designer gives them some tips and the couple designs their own room (with A LOT of help, mind you). Similar to What Not to Wear, minus all the comments about someone's horrible wardrobe and hair. And for your house. Not really similar, I guess.

My design style is not surprisingly, Hip. "No overstuffed chairs or anything frou frou (unless its the band). You're drawn to clean lines and a minimalist palette (think black, white, neutrals and a few bold colors that "pop" against the background - like orange, red or turquoise)." Yes, that's me. :)

For your viewing enjoyment a video from said band Frou Frou. She's hip!

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