Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tired... zzzzzzzzz...

Phew, I'm tired today! The cooler weather has relented and its back to the upper 70s (sigh). At least I got to wear my mitts for a day. I finished a new pair of longies for Little Bit using the leftovers from Kate... love them. Those colors are rockin'! No pics yet because LB is taking wearing them now, but she taking a nap (yeah!).

I'm also designing a longies pattern that involves all-over ribbing. I'm going to see how the ribbing works re: fit, then I'll spice it up with some cables. I think its safe to say I'm a cable-a-holic. I also need to do some repair work on her Picky Pants Plus (ravelry link), my increases at the gusset have become rather holey and stretched out, so now we get leaks. Its time to learn duplicate stitch I think.

While I'm thinking about it, any ideas on how to do an increase without getting a hole? I've tried kf&b and m1, but I'm still getting holes. I also tried not stacking the increases, but that just made the gusset area messy looking.

Well, I'm back to working on gift knitting... 3 down, 13 to go... plenty of time, right?

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