Friday, November 9, 2007

Shedir: errata

Ok, so I ran into a problem with Shedir last night on row 63. The chart asks you do a twist right that only works if the first stitch is a purl. However, the first stitch on round 63 is a knit stitch. It was getting close to bedtime and my mind was getting fuzzy so I put the project away for the night and slept on it.

I had a weird dream about the hat, wherein my intended recipient told me she didn't like cables because they weren't christian and I had to frog it completely right then and knit her something more plain. My knitter's heart was shocked and saddened. Good thing it was a dream!

So, in the light of day, I took a good look at the chart and my knitting. First, I had to make sure I didn't make a mistake in the previous rounds. Nope. Everything looks good there. Second, lets look at the chart to make sure I wasn't reading the symbols wrong. Nope. It calls for a twist right (which needs a purl stitch to be first), but there is a knit stitch looking all pretty on the left side of my marker.

Ok, back to the chart; back to the knitting. Would moving the marker one stitch to the right fix the problem? Yes, the stitch on the other side of the marker is a purl stitch! In fact, the chart is moved in previous rounds as we move the marker and line 63 has a similar shift; just no instructions to move the marker. Problem solved. Here is the fix:

Continue to work foll chart, following instructions between *s (how to move the marker) for rounds 55, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 70. [my change in bold].

The weird thing is, I looked at hundreds of finished Shedirs on Ravelry and NOT ONE mentioned this change or having a problem with it. Is it because they are so used to reading charts that the visual shift in the pattern was enough of a sign that the omission didn't register?

The same thing happened when I was working through the Monkey lace pattern. It called for a k5, k1tbl, k4 (on round 4), but if you do this, you will end up with a steadily decreasing stitch count. I changed it to k4, k1f&B, k4 which adds the increase using the same method as called for in the pattern. But not a soul mentioned this problem on Ravelry.

So, I haven't emailed the designers re: these problems because 1) a ridiculous number of people have knitted both these items before me and the problem would have been brought to light already and 2) because of this I'm not convinced its a real problem. But what about all those newbies out there who might benefit from these clarifications?!

Am I missing something here? Anyone?


loribird said...

Huh. You know, I think your theory is right. I knit Shedir not so long ago, and I didn't notice the omission. I am a very visual person, so I love knitting from charts and usually just scan the written instructions enough to get the gist of the chart (don't ask how many times that's caused me problems!) So every time I saw that "step" on the chart, I just moved the marker over. Same thing with the Monkey socks; once I saw where the pattern was going, I was on auto-pilot.
You know, you'd make a good pattern editor...

Beth said...

Thank you for your comment! I need to get around to knitting those monkey socks sometime - I really like yours.

Angela said...

I think you should email the pattern-writers and let them know about this. It's very self-serving of me--I can be a very literal knitter sometime and will make it quite a way before I notice a problem with the pattern. So please, for all of the me's in the world, let them know so they can fix it!

Robin V said...

I am knitting Shedir, and just got to round 63, and thought "huh, something's not right." I checked Ravelry, and - just as you found - nothing about this change. (True, I didn't look at hundreds, but still...). So then I just googled "shedir errata," and found your post. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!