Monday, November 12, 2007

Chatting you up

Thanks to the comments on my shedir. Jo pointed out that the sizing is most likely due to my lack of swatching. Yes, I'm not a good swatcher. In fact, I have knit up 2 swatches in my 1+ years of knitting... both are for sweaters, neither of which I have completed. I thought that with something big like a sweater, I'd better have a good idea of what kind of knitter I am... everything else is so small, eh, we'll just deal. But I talked to my friend and explained the size thing, and told her that I can definitely make her another (smaller) one... I'd love to hear some feedback so I can make her the perfect hat ;)

The Little Bit has decided that napping (once again) is something to be avoided, so we've had a few days of struggle and sadness. I think she's just too busy to take the time out to sleep. That its 80+ degrees here again today can't be helping. She sleeps so much better when its cooler (who doesn't?). Her conversation has really increased; she pretty much talks nonstop from the moment she wakes up to when she finally falls asleep.

Ah, well, such is the life of babes.

I'm off to knit some more on my christmas gifts. I didn't get much done in the way of knitting this weekend, so I must catch up. Thank goodness I've got a bunch of data entry to do at work, so there is alot of reward knitting going on. :)

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