Monday, September 10, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

The rain has returned with a vengeance. In the last 24 hours, according to my very amateur rain gauge (an empty flower pot with no drainage holes), we have received over 5 inches of rain. And more is coming pouring down. Wow. It continues to amaze me that at this time last year, I was excited when we had rain in the forecast. We haven't watered our grass or our flowers once this year. And they look GREAT!

In honor of the rain (and September), I've begun working on my submission for the Red Scarf Project, although my scarf is not red. I'm using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern and Patons Soy Wool Stripes. This yarn is very soft and cozy, and the colorway reminds me of a summer rain storm. The blues, grays and blacks, with a touch of brown are exactly what an approaching Texas thunderstorm looks like. I think I will also add a matching hat to complete the set.

Cables make me so happy. They are easy, they look fabulous and keep the knitting moving along quickly. So, I decided to dress up another easy knit, Picky Pants by Little Turtle Knits. I was very inspired by the Honeycomb socks (but know that it will be a while before I can start on any socks), so I decided to take the stitch pattern and add it to the leg of my newest soaker... I'm fairly pleased with it, but I'm not sold on the seed stitch border to finish the leg off. Any suggestions for the next time I do this?

Well, I must run. Little Bit says: "Can you get off the computer and play with me now?" And really, who can resist such an adorable redhead?

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inukshuk71 said...

I love the colours you picked for your projects. I also like the little seed stitch border, but perhaps you might like to try a picot edge too. Your little girl is adorable :)