Thursday, March 22, 2007

1st Post!

I've decided to start a knitting blog. This way I can dish on my knitting fun without boring everyone with the gritty details of my personal life. Or from the other side, I can not bore my personal blog readers with the gritty details of my knitting life. Maybe the two will meet someday, but for now, I'm keeping them separate.

So. Knitting blog. Nice to meet you! My goals for this blog:
1) update with status on works in progress.
2) lots of eye candy pics
3) note my learning oopsies and modifications
4) keep track of exactly how SLOW I am at knitting :)
5) update at least every few days (twice weekly)

Being a consistent knitter (and blogger) takes discipline and stamina. You have to keep going even when that project that was so exciting when you cast on is mired down in endless inches of stockinette in the round, or when that pattern is kicking your ass. So, this is my attempt at practicing the art of disciplina. We'll see how well that works.

About me: I have just arrived at my mid-twenties. I've been knitting since Labor Day 2006. I'm a knitter in isolation (no one else in my circle of friends knits), I learned from I recently decided that its ok to have multiple projects on the needles (esp since I'm stuck 3/4 done on a leg warmer and summer is fast approaching). I am mom to a 3 month old darling girl who takes up 90% of my free time. I am married to my college sweetheart :) My mom crochets. I like expensive yarns, but my budget is limited - alas. I think I am an advanced beginner knitter (I'm attempting my first "lace-type" pattern now.). That's about it in the boring details.

Now, for Works in Progress (WIP):
Super Easy Leg Warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - this pattern is in the 2-4 hour section, but its been 3 months since I cast on and I'm only 3/4 done with the first one. Its not that the pattern is hard. I put the book away after I cast on, but its just so incredibly tedious. Just rounds and rounds of knit stitch. They look great though. I need to have this done by fall so I can rock my short skirts in the cool weather.

Kitschy Kerchief from Stitch N Bitch - I started this a few days ago b/c I was bored and wanted to practice my increases. I'm not sure I like the yarn I started with though, so I might just toss it. If I finish, I've probably got another 30 mins of so of serious work to go. This is my nursery knit - I work on it while rocking my baby to sleep... not bad for multi-tasking, eh?

Isabella from - this is my first "sweater". I live in Texas, so I wanted a sweater that I could wear most of the year as my first :) I cast on for this on Sunday, and already had to frog back to the turning row for the hem b/c I misread how to repeat the pattern. Luckily, the yarn (Rowan cotton 4ply) picks back up very well, so no major mishaps. I've got one more row of stockinette and then I get to start my waist decreases. My goal is to do 5 rows on this per night, but some nights I get more done than others...

Well, that's it for on the needles. I've got to get back to work. I need to get some things done while the baby sleeps besides update my blog :) the sun is out, so I'll take some pics of my WIPs for you.


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