Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Has had a week to remember


First, my beloved cat, Ivan, who was the first cat to ever choose me to be his pillow decided he wanted to spend some time outside and went missing on Saturday morning. Just poof gone. We were, unfortunately for him, getting ready to head out on a romantic weekend and so we had to hope that he'd be there when we got back. But he wasn't there when we returned. And he still wasn't there after we got back from Mosaic. I'd decided that he was just gone and was getting ready for bed when I decided to call for him one more time in the garage. Sure enough, I called him, and he waltzed right back in the house as if he'd been gone minutes instead of days! I'm still in a bit of shock that he actually came back home, but I can tell you that I'm being extra vigilant about him getting outside!

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Going back to the romantic getaway - Jason swept me off to Dallas for a fun-filled afternoon and evening. We met up with our friends Tim & Jenny and had a fantastic dinner at Bengal Coast. The food was delicious and we got to chat it up with the chef who was the one who sat us at our table. If you are ever in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, you should definitely check it out. Great food and affordably priced. Then we headed over to Chocolate Secrets for dessert. Wow. Chocolate + wine + live jazz = perfect way to end the evening. My eyes ended up being way bigger than my stomach and I think next time I'll just get one chocolate and one glass of wine instead of going with the chocolate and wine pairings (FOUR chocolates and TWO glasses of wine - oh my!). Still, the chocolates were fantastic - I'm hoping there's more of this place in my future :) We got a great deal and scored a luxurious room at the Warwick Melrose. Did I ever feel pampered! It was a great weekend and Little Bit had a blast at the Lientz's - I think we can definitely do this again.

I'll leave you with a link to my last picture - my neighbors apparently have decided that they want a bit of ad revenue in their lives

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