Saturday, October 25, 2008


300/366, originally uploaded by hannah8ball.

I cannot believe we have made it to 300!! Wow. This project is nearly done. I can't say I've been entirely faithful the whole time, but at least I have posted 1 pic per day.

Now I need 66 more days of inspiration... we're nearly there.

And a note on this picture... These are socks for Little Bit. She has been stealing my hand knit socks to wear, so I thought I'd avoid doing my Stitches East homework by making her some socks of her very own. I'm calling these My Favorite Things socks because Little Bit's favorite things are bubbles, balls and quarters, all of which are round, so why not choose a lovely round cable for your very first hand knit sock?

I'm hoping she likes them.

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KT said...

Hey! I'm going to Stitches East too - we should hook up sometime. KT