Saturday, May 3, 2008


It's been a crazy few weeks. I'm so behind on editing and posting pictures, I'll just apologize now. I guess I could try to be proactive and get with it today, but I think I'll take a shower instead. This is exactly why I'm so behind. :)

That, and I've taken the speedtest test...

90 words

Speed test

C'mon, take it. You know you're curious. :)

It's funny, but at church I was "volunteered" (I have yet to find out who put my name into the hat) to be the typing part of the Apostle Paul typing out an email to the church at Philippi. (Hey, you've got to modernize it sometimes, right?) Anyway, the idea was that someone would read the letter, and someone else would be typing it (and another person would be holding the mic which I occasionally bump... :S) It has been surprisingly a big hit, who knew? But, anyone who has done dictation typing will know how crazy/difficult it is to type in "real time" even if you already have the text in front of you. There is nothing like the pressure of being on the big screen.

Let's see, since we last talked, I have still not finished my second Baudelaire. Summer came all at once, and the thought of putting on alpaca socks, is well, not delightful. That, and I've lost interest in the pattern. I have the dreaded SSS (Second Sock Syndrome to those of you who have yet to come under its spell).

Magknits has gone under, taking with it the fingerless gloves project that I was planning on doing next. The pattern still hasn't resurfaced :( Which means I can either take some close looks at the pictures and reverse engineer it, or I can do a different pattern, or I can just be patient. None of which is appealing. So, I've kind of stalled on that front. Nothing sounds good.

I decided I wanted to try stranded knitting, so I was going to put this skull motif (from So Much Yarn, So Little Time) onto this soaker pattern (from Curly Purly). But then I saw this video, which is a confusing combination of a song about humbling yourself in order to get forgiveness, and a video montage of soldiers shooting at things in Iraq. Opinions on the war aside, I was struck by how inconsistent the tone of the song was with the images, and then thought about how inconsistent it would be for me to put a symbol of death on my daughter's diaper cover. Now, I might decide later that a pirate skull is a pretty cool thing to put on her diaper cover, and I'm not saying that anyone else who has put skulls on things is promoting death (so please, no flaming).

Just for the moment, I decided that I'd put a peace sign on her bum instead... of course, I couldn't find one I liked, so I made one. I've probably set myself up for failure because I've never done a stranded knitting project, so I don't know what works and what doesn't, so my design might be entirely unworkable. Who knows. I'll let you know :)

Well, I've got to run if I'm going to get my shower in before the little one wakes up. Hope your Saturday is restful and filled with love.


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Jofrog said...

Have you seen these longies with the recycle symbol on the back?