Saturday, January 19, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Swap Topic: Dishcloth/Dishrag/Facecloth?

Dishrag. Dishcloth. Face cloth. I've seen folks get all fired up in forums when someone refers to their knit or crochet creation as a dishrag, as that's somehow offensive to them! When you're working on yours, what do you call them? Also, is there a difference between a dishrag and a dishcloth? How bout a facecloth? Are they all really the same thing?

My response? None of the above. I call them washcloths. Little Bit calls them "wa-da" :) I think this may be a regional thing too, like some people call the things you put groceries in as either bags or sacks. I'm not one to care much about what you call it so long as it doesn't lie around in your linen closet unused. I think that's what I like most about knitting washcloths. They are small (read: fast to do), can be quite beautiful, but are also quite functional, so long as you use the right kind of cotton. On that note, I don't recommend using Blue Sky Alpacas Organic cotton for any kind of washcloth/dishcloth/whatevercloth as it feels like you're wiping your face with a wet cat. Yuck! It's much better to use this cotton for more yummy projects like baby sweaters and mitts :)

The husband has the computer tied up again today, so picture posting will have to wait until later. I've already gotten a lot done this morning: started our taxes, thinned out Little Bit's toys, cleaned up the playroom and babyroom (yes, she gets 2 rooms of the house!) and started the laundry. Whew! But I've still got more to do, so I'm off to chase my toddler and get my list done. Hope you have a good weekend!

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