Monday, January 28, 2008


28/365, originally uploaded by hannah8ball.

I went to my LYS on Saturday and got the yarn for Pinnacles, a lovely design by KT Vaughn. I was on the fence about whether to use the yarn recommended (Classic Elite's Wool Bam Boo), but a feel test at the LYS definitely made the choice clear. It was hand's down the softest yarn in the store in that gauge. I got 3 balls in the Sachet colorway (it reminds me of my absolute favorite scent lavender).

I'm nearly done with the 4th repeat (of 14 for half the scarf ) and am just loving it! It stays interesting and looks fabulous. I can't wait to wear it!!


Diane said...

This does have stunning texture! I grow four different varieties of lavender, and this is spot on to a favorite French version. Doesn't it amaze you that bamboo can be made into yarn? I even have a few skeins of Corn Yarn, and have heard of one spun from soybeans too.

Your secret pal said...

That scarf does look really soft. That needle really pretty too. What brand is it?