Monday, January 14, 2008


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At Mosaic last week, we had an artist talking about creativity and he used blocks as his example. Let me see if I can retell it:

He had two piles of blocks... one was all jumbled up in a heap and the other was more like a tower. He was saying that the blocks are our education. We think that the more education we heap around us, the better a perspective we will have. However, he suggested that instead of heaping the education, we creatively take the blocks and build something with it. After a time, those buildings become tradition, or the accepted way. Creativity, he said, was when we destroyed the norm, and built something different, rearranged the blocks in a new way.

Basically, he said that being creative (or trying to do things in a new and different way) is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs out there... people have burned at the stake for breaking the rules.

It was certainly an interesting thought. So, the husband and I came home and built our own creative, outside-the-block-box towers. Whaddya think?

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Diane said...

What a great concept and an inspirational lesson. I love the tower you built and the angle it was shot from. Nope, no burning at the stake needed here!! LOL