Wednesday, January 23, 2008

023/366 - Houston, we have a problem

I finished the last decrease on Jason's sweater today. Woo hoo!

But, when I looked down at it, this is what I saw.

Houston - we have a problem

An 8 stitch difference!! That's 1 set of 4x4 rib!!! There is no way I can pull that one off. Especially if I want my husband to ever wear it. And after all the time I've spent on it, he had better. So, this is the last look you will get of the sweater before I rip back to the armpits.

023/366, originally uploaded by hannah8ball.

Oh, it hurts me so.

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Diane said...

Oh, my heart is bleeding for you. That is the worst feeling when the end is so near. I've found that after frogging the work seems to go twice as fast, if that's any consolation. Just makes me want to tear up though, to be honest!