Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Input Addiction

I have it bad. I love facts. I love knowing everything about everything. I listen to NPR pretty much 24/7. I subscribe to no less than 67 blog feeds (but I'm always looking for more - you can never have too much blogreading). I love books and reading. I really love making connections between different things that I've read/heard/seen and how all of it comes together to make one amazing body of knowledge.

So, when I took a strengths assessment, I wasn't surprised when my number 1 strength came back as input. From Strengths 2.0: "By nature, you fill your mind with new ideas by asking questions, reading, studying, observing or listening. Normally, you accumulate facts, data, stories, examples, or background information from the people you meet. Determining what they want to accomplish in the coming weeks, months or years generally satisfies your curiosity. These insights also allow you to understand why individuals behave the way they do in different situations." While I often see this craving for knowledge as a negative (read: nosy), in fact, it is a good and necessary part of a complete team. Not everyone likes researching or investigating - but I live for it, so give me your researching jobs and I'll run with it. Just be sure to give me a deadline for results or I just might keep accumulating until the next interesting thing comes along.

Oh, and that photo is about half of my knitting books collection. I've only been knitting for a year. Some people collect yarn, I apparently collect knitting books. At least I'll have plenty of patterns to work on in case the internet ever goes down permanently :)

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