Monday, September 24, 2007

Just kidding...

There are moments in my life (and they seem to be happening more often lately), where I find myself waiting to hear someone say "just kidding" because they have made such fantastic errors in logic, no sane person would be caught saying/doing whatever the thing is. At least from my perspective that what it ought to be.

Today, one such incredulous thing happened. I got a call from my boss (i'm working from home today) and he asked me "did you tell A to charge $9 for this product?". I responded yes, and explained that the product contained 3 items, and the contract rate for each item was $3, so $3 (the individual price) X 3 (items) = $9. I haven't lost anybody yet, have I? Simple math. Well, come to find out that A had told my boss that she was only charging $9 for a CD with all the items on it (up to 100 items!!), per my instructions. When I called her to ask her about it, she said that she had just assumed we were giving a good deal to good clients... ?!?!?!?!?!

I hung up not knowing how to respond. A has just as much access to the contract as I do and should be just as familiar with the contract as I am. A and I had discussed invoicing the clients for their items and I mentioned that instead of printing and mailing hard copies (too much wasting of paper), we should just burn them CDs. So how did she think I said to only charge them $9 regardless of how many items they ordered?!

I later got with her and wanted her to explain her leap of logic to me... some things just need explaining. Her response... "Well, you know, sometimes I just have ADD."

I'm still waiting to hear... "Gotcha! I was just kidding."... still waiting...

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